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Norio on Wine and Food Cookbooks

There is something nice about having something solid and tangible that you can hold in your hand especially in this digital era of cloud computing. My wife and I put lots of time, and effort into keeping "Norio on Wine and Food" blog going. (All that eating and drinking was tough but so are we and we got the job done). My wife really wanted to have a book of our blog and lobbying efforts began in earnest. Our fellow blogger and Izakaya aficionado, Tobias of Izakaya Sanpo fame, also suggested I should have a book of what I blogged (Actually his advice was "it is always wise to obey your wife's opinion" (Bold emphasis provided by me); very wise advice, undoubtedly, gleaned from his own experience.) Finally here it is! A two volume compendia of Norio on Wine and Food Cookbooks.
In preparation for making this book, I spent quite some time editing and rearranging my blogs in MS Word making one huge PDF file. Since the total number of pages was nearing 400,  it was unreasonably expensive to print and bind this at the near-by Kinko's. Besides, a spiral binding and transparent plastic front cover are not really cool either.  Then I found the site called "Blog2 Print". Publishing your blog using this site is rather painless and all my previous editing was actually not needed in this format. Just in case, our fellow bloggers are interested in publishing their blogs, this was the best choice as far as I can tell.

The following is a recipe for publishing a blog book: First you can choose the range of dates from your blog that you want to publish (later you can even remove specific entries). Next you choose the style of your book from the various templates offered, pick out the images you would like to use for the front and back covers. Then their on-line program takes over the task of rearranging your posts in chronorogical order, adds a table of contents, and arranges your pictures. (You have two choices for arranging the pictures; compact - which I chose - and a "snap" shot of your image layout from the blog pages). Although the price is not cheap especailly if you choose full color and hard covers like I did, it is still much more resonable than the other choices (Kinkos). You could also share your books by sending an invite (email) to your friends so that they can examine the contents and then, if they like, purchase copies as well. In any case, I will not impose this even on our relatives but you could browse these two volumes using the links below if you like. This was a belated Christmas gift for my wife and she says it goes well with everything, especially a glass of wine as she leafs through the pages reliving the fun of all those meals (Posted 3/6/2011). 

We just received 2011 NOWAF cookbook. This is the first time that one book contains the entire year of posts from Jan 1 to Dec 31. I also added the link to PDF file below (Posted 1/19/2012).
Few days ago we received copies of 2012 NOWAF cook book. The link is posted below for the PDF file (posted 1/23/2013)

Several weeks ago, we got copies of 2013 NOWAF cook book. The link is posted below for the PDF file (This one is high quality PDF, posted 4/12/2014).

Volume 5: (1/1/13-12/31/13)
Volume 4: (1/1/12-12/31/12)
Volume 3: (1/1/11-12/31/11)