Monday, August 23, 2010

Norio's slider スライダー

Small hamburgers are called "sliders" in the U.S. and they are a very popular bar food. There appears to be several theories about the origin of the name.  The small burgers sold at White castle burgers are trade-marked as "Slyders". In any case, I made this one day because I had extra ground chicken breast and we had just bought a nice crusty baguette. I made this as an open sandwich on an ellipse of toasted baguette. I served this as the first or second dish (do not remember which) accompanied with a bottle of Von Strasser Cab.  This Cab happens to be the vintage 2000 (we previously tasted 04 and 06) and it was quite good; still lots of nice fruits remaining with mellow but well-structured tannin.

The meat patty is a mixture of ground chicken breast seasoned with minced shallot, chopped basil, garlic paste (I used garlic from a tube), beaten egg, salt, and black pepper. For good measure, I also added a bit of Yuzu kosho 柚 子胡椒 from a tube, which added a certain zing to the meat. I made an oval flat patty matching the size of the baguette. I fried it in a frying pan with a bit of olive oil for 3-4 minutes each side or until done. To assemble, I smeared Dijon mustard on the baguette, layered the chicken patty, added a squirt of ketchup, and topped it with basil leaf and sliced Campari tomato. It sure slid down well!


Tobias said...

oishisou !

Jon said...

Didn't know you could get yuzu koshou in America! That gives me some hope.
I've recently come into an excellent source by which I can get local products sent to me direct from Kyushu, so I've ben eating a lot of yuzu koshou. Whole jars of a red version, which previously I had only seen at Ippudou. Of course, I think yuzu koshou is one of the best things in the world, so any color is fine.

Uncle N said...

Tobias, it is good.
Jon, I only can get the green kind. I have not seen the red one. Maybe I can get it from the source..BTW what is the URL for the source?

Tobias said...


I always have Yuzu koshou at home but I didn't know there is a red version. Where in Tokyo can I get it, or can I mail-order it ?