Saturday, November 6, 2010

Julienned potatoes with spicy cod roe redux ジャガイモの明太子和え 再登場 (Mark's book p24)

The dish I made according to the recipe in the Mark's book (p24) looked and tasted  elegant. But I could not help making it again with some modifications. As before I made a julienne of white potato, soaked in water and then patted dry using paper towels. I removed the "tarako" or cod roe from one large sac and mixed with a small mount of Tabasco, sake and lemon juice. I then sauteed the potatoes in butter for several minutes until done but still crunchy, I mixed  the tarako mixture, chopped chives and seasoned it with a bit more salt and ground black pepper. I served it with nori strips in a manner simialr to  tarako spagetti.

We liked the nori taste with tarako and potatoes. Either way (the original or this version), this is an excellent dish. We really like both versions.

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