Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crispy Pork "Tatsuta" fry 豚肉の唐揚げ竜田揚げ風

This is another small dish I made from the trimmings of pork tender loin. This is a variation of "tatsuta-age" 竜田揚げ but I pounded the pork thin so that the entire thing fries up quickly with a very crispy crust.

This is a perfect starter and is the best just coming out of the hot oil but it is highly seasoned and it tastes good even cold.

Pork: I used trimmings from two pork tenderloins. I cut the trimming into half inch medallion and pounded thin (1/4 inch or less). I seasoned both sides with salt and pepper (easy on salt).  I added a small amount of soy sauce and grated ginger and mixed in to the meat.

Dredging four: I used a mixture of potato starch and rice flour (1:1). I dredged each piece of the pork, shaking off excess flour.

Deep frying: I used only half a inch deep vegetable oil but since the meat was very thin, it was deep frying. I fried it in 180C or 350F oil for one minute on each sides turning once. 

After draining the oil, I served it with wedges of lemon and microwaved snap pea. Since it is well seasoned with pepper, salt, soy sauce and ginger, there is no need for sauce. You mostly enjoy eating the "crust" than the meat itself. My wife thinks that the leftovers from this dish are a great sandwich item.

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