Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stir fried squid and celery イカとセロリの炒め物

This is an example of my “quickly-make-something-as-we-savor-sake” routine style. Actually, this is the quick magical transformation of a sashimi drinking snack to a warm snack with just the application of heat (plus some other stuff) . The particular evening I did this we had three drinking snacks, and reached the point when we decided squid sashimi was enough. I decided to change what we did not eat into a new dish. Again, this is a variation of the sautéed squid with celery dish. I served it on a scallop shell.

The squid is from frozen squid sashimi in a package which was already dressed with wasabi and soy sauce.

I obliquely sliced celery and minced garlic. I melted butter in a frying pan and sautéed the garlic and then the celery. When the celery was mostly done I added the squid (including water cress which I had served under the sashimi).  When the squid became opaque (it took only 10 seconds or so), I seasoned it with soy sauce.

I served this on a scallop shell (I stabilized the shell which rolled a bit because of its rounded shape by adding a mound of Kosher salt on the plate under it. I again sprinkled on Japanese one flavored red pepper flakes 一味唐辛子.

For quick conversion dish, this was not bad. The combination of soy sauce and butter cannot go wrong.

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