Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Nattou and avocado salad 納豆とアボカドのサラダ

I had several ripe avocados in the refrigerator. Whenever we have extra avocados, I usually make guacamole. This time, I remembered a Japanese recipe I saw that used nattou 納豆 and avocado. Since I had frozen nattou which was getting old, I decided to make this dish. As usual, I took the liberty of changing the recipe using my common sense. Since nattou is involved, I served with cold sake (our house sake "Mu" daiginjou 八重垣『無』大吟醸) as a first dish .

As a garnish, I used a chiffonade of basil and dried nori strips. The only reason I used basil instead of perilla was that some cuttings of basil which my wife had harvested were sitting in a glass of water on the counter in front of me. I served more nori strips on the side so we could add more as we ate the salad and mixed the ingredients together.

The avocado and tomato were dressed with Mayer lemon juice (I happened to have one. We love the flavors of Meyer lemon), olive oil and Kosher salt.

Ingredients (for 2 small servings):
1 small package of nattou, previously frozen, thawed, prepared by adding the sauce and mustard that comes in the package with the nattou. Using my nattou mixing contraption, I mixed well (a few hundred times). This will reduce the smell making it to palatable for my wife.

Half ripe avocado, stone and skin removed and cut into bite-size cubes
2 Campari tomatos, skinned (by blanching) and cut into bite-size cubes

Kosher salt, olive oil (we used our favorite spicy Spanish olive oil), and lemon juice from one half of a Meyer lemon (it has the taste between orange and lemon juice).
Several leaves of basil, cut into fine chiffonade
1 package of seasoned nori sheets, cut into thin strips

Add the lemon juice to the avocado and tomato and coat well, season it with salt and drizzle olive oil.
Top it with half of the prepared nattou
Garnished it with chiffonade of basil leaves and nori strips

Before eating mix everything together and add more nori strips.

Although nattou was a bit sticky, at least, there was no strong smell (which is good for my wife). This is a really interesting combination and the addition of olive oil and Meyer lemon juice was a key to this dish.

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