Friday, July 20, 2018

Tofu cutlet with scallion sauce 豆腐のカツレツねぎソースのせ

This was inspired by the "Perfect Pairings" book. The original recipe is a tofu cutlet with scallion sauce. I happened to have several thick rectangles of marinated tofu that I would use to make spicy marinated tofu which I usually cook in a pan frying. Since I had heated up some oil and had breading ingredients all ready to deep fry egg whites for my wife's deviled eggs, I decided to bread and deep fry the marinated tofu too. Since the tofu was on the thick side, I cut it in half  before  serving.

The sauce in the recipe appears to be a variation of a Japanese scallion "negi" sauce ねぎソース with  chopped scallion, vinegar and olive oil. I reduced the amount of oil and added light colored soy sauce to make it closer to the "negi" sauce.

One block of firm tofu, cut in half horizontally, and cut into equal sized rectangles.
Oil for deep frying

Marinade (optional):
2 tbs soy sauce
2 tbs mirin
1tsp rice vinegar
1tsp dark sesame oil
1tsp (or more) Suriracha hot sauce
1/4tsp grated ginger root

AP flour for dredging
1 egg and water for egg water

2 finely chopped scallion, white and green parts
2tbs rice vinegar
2tbs light olive oil
1tsp light colored soy sauce

For the American tofu I used, I boiled it in water for a few minutes with a dash of sake to remove the "smell". I drained it and let it cool to room temperature (for better quality firm tofu, this process can be skipped).
I placeed the marinade in a Ziploc bag and added the tofu. I removed as much air as possible, sealed the bad and let the tofu marinate in the refrigerator overnight or for a few days (optional).
I removed the tofu from the marinade and dredged it in flour, then the egg water and roll it in panko to coat.
I deep fried it in 350 F oil turning once. When all sides developed a crust, I lowered the oil temperature to 250 F and fried it for 5-7 minutes.
Then I raised the temperature to 350 F again and cooked for 1-2  minutes more.

When done, I drained the oil. When it was cool enough to handle, I cut the tofu in half horizontally.

I arranged the tofu alternating the cut surface and crust (the first picture).
I added a line of the "negi" sauce.

Although we did not taste much of the marinade (my usual, pan fried and then simmered in the marinade makes the taste much stronger and spicier), the combination of crunchy crust and soft center and the "negi"sauce go very well. The cookbook suggested paring with Pino Grigio.  I do not remember what we had for wine.

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